Iceland #3: Review of Kex Hostel, where convenience is the ultimate luxury
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The solid brown door at the entrance of Kex Hostel gives little hint that it was once a part of an old biscuit factory. When the factory shut down, a bunch of entrepreneurs took over and converted it into a … Read More

Iceland #2: What to see and do in seven days
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As I begin to write this blog, my mind makes its way back to Iceland. You may read this one in the first of our blog-series that Iceland does deserve much more time than a stopover. One definitely needs to spend a week or … Read More

Iceland #1: Debunking travel myths
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Excuse me if you’ve heard this one before: No words or photographs can completely describe just how beautiful Iceland is. While we were planning our visit to this small Scandinavian country, we had a few doubts of our own. Some … Read More

A long weekend in Tuscany- Part 2
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The first part of this travelogue is up for a read here. This is the second part. We spent next morning in watching the sun play peek-a-boo amidst the clouds and the Tuscan hills. Aromas of fresh raspberry and orange pies … Read More

A long weekend in Tuscany – Part 1
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“How many steps would it be till the top? A lot?” – I wondered aloud as I approached one of the wonders of the world, a first for me. “Oh about 300 odd” quipped our Italian associate as she took a … Read More

Tips on what to do when you lose your passport!
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Consider this: You have planned hard for an upcoming vacation to the unknown country. With your bags packed, accommodations booked, visas checked, the time has arrived for you to board the flight. Finally you land in the country, soak in … Read More

Turkey: Coming of Age
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This country is slowly gaining fascination amongst travelers all over the world. What was once a battleground for decades and a coveted land for various dynasties, is now marked with amazing landscapes, historic monuments, vibrant nightlife and great racial mix … Read More

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