Visiting Death Valley National Park with a baby
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Last Thanksgiving, Raahi turned five months old. We had been eagerly waiting to take her on her first flight. The big moment arrived when the three of us boarded a JetBlue direct flight to Las Vegas. At first when we … Read More

Tips to entertain your baby in the car on a road trip
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Car seats, while immensely safe and necessary, can be tricky for parents who wish to take their babies on long drives. Let’s face it. None of us would enjoy being strapped to a seat and have our movement restricted. At … Read More

Applying for our infant’s first U.S. passport
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It is a well-known fact both inside and outside of the United States (U.S.) that many Americans don’t possess passports. As Indian citizens living abroad with work visas, getting a passport for our newborn baby was one of our topmost priorities. After … Read More

Taj Exotica Maldives as a Babymoon Destination
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A little while ago, we jumped into a new category of travel blogging- talking about travel during pregnancy. When we started to research/read blogs on pregnancy travel, the information was quite varied. I understand, each pregnancy is not the same (and … Read More

Travel during Pregnancy: My First & Second Trimesters
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I walked up to the front row economy seats that the airline agent had upgraded us to. We were flying from Kolkata to Doha, on our way to Boston. This was the first of our two last flights before I … Read More