No matter who you travel with, what matters most is how you make your time together count.

Making meaningful memories through travel has been our topmost priority as a married couple, and now as a family. 

We are Supriya & Bharat, and this is our daughter Raahi.

Our hope is to inspire you to embrace family travel as a way to connect with your loved ones and discover for yourself that a journey is more than a checklist.

Funtravelog features guides and tips to help you plan your travels. Start by clicking on a post of your choice or by reading more about us.

Road Trips

Countryside travel is one of our favorite ways to see a new place. Pick from one of our road trip posts below or read why we love the road trip form of travel.

Baby Travel

We’re new kids on the block in this regard, but no less excited than our experienced counterparts 🙂
Take a look at what we’ve learned so far about traveling as a family.

Foodie Adventures

As vegetarians, we’ve often found ourselves looking for the best places to eat wherever we go.
These posts are a result of those treasure hunts.


We’ve been fortunate to have visited 16 countries in 5 continents so far. While the current pandemic has forced us to hit the pause button on travel, we’re hoping to continue to add to our bucket list in the following years.