A visual escape to Central Park

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Ever since I saw the sitcom “Friends” I’ve been attracted towards the idea of Central Park. New York itself is a city so glorified and adored that it automatically crawls high up on the expectation ladder for any visitor. I too, had spots like Times Square, Museum of Modern Art, Grand Central station, Central Park, Rockefeller Center bookmarked on my mind even before we actually planned a trip to the Big Apple city. Chance and some formalities required us to plan a short trip and we squeezed in some time for exploring a bit of New York City.

It’s a challenge to see NYC in a short period considering there’s tons of walking to do and we were tired having taken a bus the previous night. Going overboard as usual, I did make a separate offbeat list, which we obviously did not manage to accomplish. Still it gives me hope for another NYC visit which could happen anytime, who knows! 😀

Central Park_Fun Travelog-1

Central Park was beautiful, even on a cloudy day. It seemed like the perfect place to break free from the frenzied streets of NYC that were constantly in motion.

Central Park_Fun Travelog-2 Central Park_Fun Travelog-3Central Park_Fun Travelog-4

As we stood there and watched the skyline and the tall skyscrapers, we felt surrounded by millions of dreams.

Central Park_Fun Travelog-5Central Park_Fun Travelog-6

I could totally revisit the park for a day long picnic in the summers. Now I know what that would feel like.

Central Park_Fun Travelog-7

Central Park_Fun Travelog-13
One for the memories. Tired but happy!

Central Park_Fun Travelog-8Central Park_Fun Travelog-9

It was raining in bits and pieces so there were several opportunities for puddlegrams.

Central Park_Fun Travelog-10 Central Park_Fun Travelog-11Central Park_Fun Travelog-12 Central Park_Fun Travelog-14Central Park_Fun Travelog-15

Thanks for dropping by to see these photos. Is there a park that’s a must visit on your list too?


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